Thursday, March 17, 2011

Confession time.

I have a platonic crush on Bear Grylls. (Matt is very good natured about it.)

Forget for a moment that he's completely badass leaping out of planes and scaling mountains.

What I am really impressed with is that he is an awesome example of a good husband and father (and Christian to boot). I follow him on twitter. And every other post I just think "this man is amazing!" So many of his comments are about his family, or quoting Mother Teresa or the Bible. He posted to encourage prayer for the tragedy in Japan. Every time I see him say something about his family I am glad that there is a celebrity out there setting such a positive example.

"off for a long 4 week trip filming now- always so hard leaving home."
"have made it home to family! hurray. so happy."
"also took shara on the london eye in our own bubble to tell her i adore her!"

Those phrases are so simple, and yet (to me) they speak so much about how family is the most important thing to him. He adores his wife. He misses his children. He is thrilled to come home to them. I think the reason why I love Bear is that, in some respects, I feel like his life has a lot of similarities to ours. Clearly we are missing the whole fame portion. haha

Seriously, the only way Bear could be any cooler is if he was Matthew (as much as I love Bear, Matt still pwns). Matt may not have a British accent or do push ups in the buff after jumping into frozen rivers, but he reads his kids stories, gives them baths, puts them to bed at night (just to name a few). He helps me with whatever I need. He loves me beyond measure. He sets the same example for the men he works with that Bear does on a more public scale. In some ways I think that that's actually more important. It's good to have public figures setting a good example, but I think it is also tremendously important for all the dummies out there to see the Matts of the world doing it right. I think it's easier to dismiss when it's a celebrity, what they have is something most of us will never achieve. There are so many broken families and marriages. Our way obviously won't work for everyone, but if others could just see that being faithful and supportive makes a difference that's got to count for something. As far as husbands and fathers go I don't think Matt is average. I think he is well above it. And my crush on HIM is most definitely not platonic.

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