Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sad, sad little bloggie.

Still lonely and naked.

We're gearing up for another week of Armyness. We've pretty much spent our weekend sitting on our asses. Except yesterday, we were supposed to go to a "mandatory fun day" but Genevieve got sick so we stayed home. I ran a few errands while she slept and Matt was home to take care of her.

I bought a whole slew of ingredients for making Christmas cookies. I am really excited to make them with the girls this year. It'll be the first year I've really done it with them. Before they were little and it didn't really make a difference; last year I was pregnant with Xander so I was really sick. All we made was a batch of Peanut Blossoms. Which Matt instantly fell in love with and made on his own when I wasn't feeling up to making another batch for him. HAHA! I was duly impressed with his ability to follow a recipe.

THIS year, however, will be different. I found a bunch of tin/copper cookie cutters just like the ones my mom had when I was little. They had belonged to my grandmother. It's just awesome to me that I will be able to make the same cookies with my kids that I grew up making with my mother. The only difference is that I have a Kitchenaid mixer and won't be breaking my arm stirring cookie dough. haha Woot! for improvements. I'd say technological advances but I know they made those mixers when I was a kid, my mom just didn't own one.

I'm looking forward to the great cookie adventure. My kids are going to go crazy with frosting cookies. I love it.

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