Monday, December 08, 2008


So Matt left this morning for a week out in the field. I'm on my own till Friday evening... oh, the terror! I'm trying to be determined to muster up some energy and really clean up so it's nice when he gets back. He's done so much for me over the past weeks and I want him to know I appreciate it. Plus, maybe, maybe, if I get everything cleaned as best as I can we can try to maintain the standard and I won't feel so bad about how dirty my house looks.

The other night we were in bed and he put his arms around me and said "Thank you for carrying my child." It was so sweet I almost cried. It was also about a million times more romantic than the phrase he uttered the night before in his sleep. I do love it when he talks in his sleep because then I get to taunt him with his weirdness when he wakes up. The "I said THAT???" never fails to crack me up.

My pink-clad children are playing computer games. Learning games. The other night Genevieve started writing the letter A all by herself... and I did not teach it to her, she got it from the game. It's not that I don't try, apparently I'm just too boring or something. The computer is way cooler, I guess.

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